Grandpa's Games

Each game is played with two people one who is the crocodile and one the tiger. The croc goes first. Players should swap control of the computer when it is their turn.

These games have been developed to be played with young children. They are designed to be simple to operate.

The best part of games is the interaction that occurs during the game. These games are designed for two people to play together.

Grampa's Games is a programming development site in a number of languages. The early games were developed using Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine. This way the games can be developed in Java and deployed on the web to be used in a browser. The later games were developed in Javascript using AngularJs.

Although Google Web Toolkit optimises all the games for individual browsers, there is no guarantee that the games will play the same in every browser on every device. There are a lot of people helping me with testing.